Anouk Drieman

Child psychologist (psychologist NIP)

My name is Anoek Drieman (43), child psychologist (psychologist NIP) and mother to a daughter.

In my private practice voor Kind & Ouder  we welcome children who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin and parents who can use some guidance with parenting. I find personal contact with children, adolescents and their parents most important. I do this in individual- , parental and family sessions. If necessary for the therapy I work together with colleagues, like a psychiatrist or a couple therapist. Therapy given in my practise is (partially) covered by insurance if you have additional insurance.(

At the University of Amsterdam (UvA) I did a master’s degree Clinical Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology with the speciality bullying. After working in different mental health (GGZ) institutions, like amongst others the Bascule (for more than ten years) I have fast experience with working with children and (multi-problem) families. Since then I continued specializing in Cognitive behavioural therapy, System therapy and EMDR (traumaprocessing) I have strong affinity with combining different established methods with new important and valuable approaches like problem-solving psychotherapy and Mindfulness.

Along with my work as a psychologist I very much enjoy teaching psychology lessons.


drs. Anoek Drieman


Praktijk Kind & Ouder

Keizersgracht 178
1016 DW Amsterdam
T: 06 2427 4844





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