Floriana Maione


My name is Floriana Maione and I am an Italian and English speaking psychologist with over 10 years of study and practice with international clients.

I graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza and following my Master’s Degree in Psychology I continued my studies with a specialized  training in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy and a training in Family Mediation. 

My approach:

Systemic-Relational Therapy is effective to solve individual, couple and family problems and difficulties. The person who starts a Relational Therapy will be immerse in a network of ideas, emotions and significant people of their life, will become aware of how we “construct our reality” by choosing and focusing only on certain aspects of what we see in the world and how, what we see in the world, is determined by our personal story. This therapy approach is based on a model that connects the inner world with the outside world of the individual, with a specific focus on interpersonal communication and on the relationships that the person creates interacting with their environment and with others.

Having in mind the “complexity perspective” a relational therapist helps clients to take into consideration the different points of view involved in their world,  showing clients a new way of connecting things and people, events and meanings and helping to stop seeing themselves and the reality around them in a rigid and inflexible way.

This approach can be used as a short or long term treatment, based on your wishes, needs and objectives.

In my clinical activity I mostly work with international clients dealing with relationship and family matters, interpersonal communication, issues related to separation and divorce, personal growth and development, anxiety and panic disorder, burnout and work-related stress, life transitions and change.

Beyond the clinical activity, I worked in several therapeutic communities in Italy, collaborated as a researcher with the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and as a scientific coordinator for national and international psychotherapy congresses.

Contact details:

Phone nr: +31(0)610 755547



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